Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1 is an experiential hands on course in which you have the opportunity to discover a deeper, quieter, more intuitive part of yourself.The Reiki Level 1 attunement will also open your body and energy field to allow a higher vibration and a higher flow of energy. Classes can be done via facebook video call or skype

  Reiki Level 2

Traditionally, Reiki II class is not an open class, it is applied for. The student requests to advance from from level one to level two. If the instructor (Reiki Master/Teacher) feels the student is ready for advancement then he will be accepted into the class. To teach 2nd degree to a Reiki initiate who is not ready, simply for the money or prestige, does not serve Reiki, the student, or the teacher. It is highly recommended that there be 3 months pass between the Reiki I initiation and Reiki II initiation.
Are You Ready to Advance to Level II?
Classes can be done via facebook video call or skype

Reiki Master 
    Level 3

The Masters Training class opens the student fully to the Reiki ray of energy, allowing them to channel the full amount of energy during sessions. They will receive all the necessary information and training needed to become successful teachers; however, this class is not only for those wishing to become teachers, but is for anyone wishing to have full access to the Reiki energy, move forward on their spiritual path, be able to attune family and/or friends, or is considering becoming a teacher of Reiki.

Deep and profound healings often arise as a result of this class and the growth that comes(both personal and spiritual) that comes along with it. Students have the opportunity to give and receive multiple attunements from each other. This helps to further refine the Reiki energies and increase, even more, the personal and spiritual growth realized as a result of the class.
Classes can be done via facebook video call or skype

    Yoga as a regular practice helps in daily life as it brings balance, relaxation, discipline, health, happiness, and a simple sense of peace to  our lives. The understanding of yoga philosophy also helps in making relationships stronger.  The basic philosophy of yoga talks a lot about uniting and connecting with people. It talks about humility and letting go of the ever present ego. This paves the way for strong er  relationships.

      Practicing yoga brings many balance into our lives. This sense of balance comes about through balancing postures, pranayama or breathing techniques and meditation. All which encourages an equal balance between energy channels on the left and right side of the body. Balancing postures such as garudasana or bakasana help you focus on ajna chakra (a point of energy according to ancient texts, which is located at the forehead,the Brow Chakra and assists balance between our left and right sides)  bringing  balance into your day to day life.

  Yoga can also bring relaxation into our lives. Yoga helps us work a part of our nervous system which slows down your heart rate.This helps reduce the force with which your heart beats at and reduces the force of contraction of your heart. Yoga  helps by relaxing muscles through asana (physical) practice. When we are tense in our minds  we also tense muscles in our bodies. When we stretch those muscles, we relax them. This sends a signal to the brain that the muscles are being relaxed, helping the mind to relax. Yoga helps through silencing the mind in act of  meditation and through slowing down the breath and heart rate through pranayama (breath control) techniques. 

     I could give you many more reasons to try Yoga, but just book a class with someone so you find it great joys.  

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